Heather Shearer for Avon & Somerset Police and Crime Commissioner

“As Commissioner I would work hard to protect all people in our towns, cities and rural communities. I believe we have to work more effectively with partner organisations across the county to ensure our children are safe, victims are supported, and offenders are brought to justice. Crime prevention and building safer communities would be my absolute focus."

- Heather Shearer, Avon & Somerset Liberal Democrats PCC Candidate


Why vote for me?

I believe in transparency and fairness when it comes to spending taxpayers’ money.

I have experience of supporting and scrutinising the Police in my role as vice chair of the Police and Crime Panel. I also am a member of the Safer Somerset Partnership where we oversee and convene partnership work to reduce crime and create safer communities.

I am not a career politician. I have worked in a range of different jobs so can see the world from many viewpoints. I like to work with people to make things better.

I can ask the difficult questions but I can also build effective working relationships. I look to make evidence-based decisions but I know you have to take people with you, especially when the decisions are not what everyone wants to hear.

What I care about

I want people to feel safe wherever they live, by improving the resourcing and deployment of community police officers, to ensure they are properly embedded in their neighbourhoods.

I want everyone who comes into contact with the Police to feel they are being fairly treated and that they will be heard. The most vulnerable people need know they will be listened to and protected from harm.

We need more than the basics of Policing by consent; the Police need to be an active partner and build effective relationships with their communities.

Who am I?

Currently I am Vice Chair of Somerset's Police & Crime Panel, Mendip District Councillor with special responsibility for Community Health & Safety, Street Parish Councillor and a member of the Safer Somerset Partnership.

I’ll bring a wealth of experience to the role of Police & Crime Commissioner, in a region which faces many diverse challenges.

I have a strong work ethic; I have held a job almost continually since I was 14 including Saturday jobs in a hairdresser’s and shoe shops, management traineeship in a London Borough, 10 years as management trainer, 15 years general manager/director positions in private and public organisations.

Outside of work, I have trained in journalism, done voluntary work as school governor, Citizens Advice worker and trustee, and became a Lib Dem councillor at parish and district.

I settled in Street six years ago with my dog Fred and am delighted to have met good friends and neighbours.

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