My Priorities


These will be my priorities from day one:


  • Restore trust in the Police by increasing transparency and accountability – I will ensure the concerns of people across whole Force are properly heard and people understand the rationale behind budget and service decisions.


  • Prevent violence against women both on the street and in their own home – I will focus on stopping domestic abuse before it becomes dangerous, working with offenders to reform and ensuring the culture within the Force supports all victims.


  • Ensure the community Police teams are properly resourced and locally directed – this will allow them to be properly embedded in their communities, to respond quickly and to be a presence that will deter criminal and anti-social behaviour.


  • Invest more in high volume crimes that people care about – reducing dangerous driving, speeding and illegal parking, burglary from homes and gardens, scams and cyber crime, and fly-tipping. Recent figures suggest that just 1 in 10 burglars are caught and I want to improve that.


  • Work in partnership to create a public health approach to reducing crime – I will work with health, community and social support organisations to both prevent people being criminalised and to support them if they do.


  • Facilitate an evidence-based conversation around drugs reform and reform how Police resources are used in this area - in particular relation to the use of cannabis - I will take a wider view than ramping up sentencing and enforcing laws that are often patently unfair and unhelpful.


  • Prevent and reduce offending, not just count arrests – I want to see more focus on preventing first-time offenders from going on to reoffend, helping recently-released prisoners who want to stay out of trouble, and focusing attention on offenders who don’t want to give up their life of crime.


  • Ensure we have a properly inclusive Police Force - I want everyone who comes into contact with the Police to feel they are being fairly treated and that they will be heard. The most vulnerable people need know they will be listened to and protected from harm.
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