The Liberal Democrats Defend the Right to Protest

Joint statement by Heather Shearer (Police and Crime Commissioner candidate for Avon and Somerset), Stephen Williams (candidate for West of England Regional Mayor), and Caroline Gooch (candidate for City of Bristol Mayor)

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Supporting the future of Bath Police Station

The Lib Dems know the value of having a visible, grounded police presence to make residents feel safer. Bath MP Wera Hobhouse and Lib Dem Council Group Leader Dine Romero have campaigned to bring a police station back to Bath for several years.

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Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill: letter to MPs

I have written to all MPs in the Avon and Somerset Police areas asking them to vote against this bill. At a time when we need to improve conviction rates for serious and sexual offences, this bill focuses instead on restricting the right to protest. Let’s see who votes against...

International Women’s Day

“International Women’s Day is always important to me. Not just because it falls on my birthday, but because I believe we should all choose to challenge inequality in all its forms. My role as a Mendip District Councillor allows me to support projects that focus on the most vulnerable in society. And women too often fall into that group. That’s my challenge. What’s yours?”

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